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new student and Archaos.

2010-06-23 14:03:05 by aeoxeternal

hey, amazing animators of newgrounds!
as you most likely have noticed, i am completely new to newgrounds. (not the site itself, just the flash animating, art, etc.)
i am proud to be part of such a wonderfully talented plethora of people. i admire and appreciate you all.
a little of me; striving to become an artist. a great one. now, im still quite young and naive, but with a little criticism, and lots of practice, i will become a GREAT artist. a couple artists i admire are Chluaid, Leafworthy, and Quaro. my goal is to reach out to someone as those artists have, and express my creative side.
enough of me. now for the real reason im posting.
im creating a series currently called 'Archaos'.
Warning; it contains gods becoming insane, destroying planets, a select few to stop them, secret societies, weapons, magic, mythical creatures, and loads of action. i am currently working on the trailer, so you'll see a little of all ;)
you're welcome to collaborate if you'd like. the more, the merrier.
oh, and for those that have seen my first flash, Wynken, Blinken, and Nod - i promise, it will be so much more better than that. sound quality, too.
aeox, out.